What Happened to IAMTAN/2???


brie88: Well so much for tanning. Went to get some fireworks and some ass ran into my car and left. Jul 4, 2014 15:44:58 GMT -5
aeroguy39: Hey Jeff!!!! Welcome!!!! Jul 4, 2014 19:02:33 GMT -5
aeroguy39: 80 and Sunny on tap for Sat and Sun here. 8-) Jul 5, 2014 6:10:16 GMT -5
btannaynay: I will be outside again today with Tropibronze painting my front porch Jul 5, 2014 7:04:24 GMT -5
aeroguy39: 2 and a half GREAT tanning days (Friday afternoon, Sat. and now Sunday. UV=11 TODAY (Sunday)!!!!! Full SUN!!! 2 hours in so far as of 2:30 PM today in UV=11 8-) Jul 6, 2014 13:38:12 GMT -5
aeroguy39: 4 hours in yesterday (sat) and 2 hours in on Friday afternoon. 8-) :D Jul 6, 2014 13:38:53 GMT -5
btannaynay: For those of you outside getting your UV on.. Try Pure Coconut Oil ... Jul 6, 2014 14:47:48 GMT -5
blackonwhite: Got 3 hours Sunday with a sun n cloud mix Jul 6, 2014 15:17:24 GMT -5
blackonwhite: Go figure. Off today and it is way overcast. Possible Tstorms, rain and humid but temp not so high. Sux to sitting indoors all day. What a waste! Jul 7, 2014 11:00:36 GMT -5
jeff: Just got in twp BLISSFUL hours and lots of waves at my favorite cove in So Cal today…life is good. Jul 7, 2014 23:23:31 GMT -5
jeff: Oh…get this!…..I'm at my favorite cove on the beach …only a few people about two hundred yards off so i decide to body surf for a bit….i felt something brush by my rear thigh. It could have been a see weed clump or Shamo for all i know…not sure i want to Jul 7, 2014 23:54:43 GMT -5
tanru: Hopefully just seaweed Jeff! Jul 9, 2014 2:00:10 GMT -5
tanru: Have a great Wednesday everyone! Jul 9, 2014 2:01:29 GMT -5
karla: I feel like we are on a bad weather streak here in Ohio. Thunderstorms yesterday and today. Plus another tornado touch down Tuesday here. :( Jul 9, 2014 17:32:30 GMT -5
liketotan: Yes, everyone (like Tanru exclaimed) have a great Wednesday and a great week. Just looked at the calendar.... This weekend means half of July is already almost gone!! Everybody get out and get some serious tanning accomplished!!!!! Jul 9, 2014 18:03:15 GMT -5
blackonwhite: I would if the weather cooperated. Yesterday...crap! Today was bright n sunny til 9AM, then overcast until 430PM, when it became sunny. Maybe tomorrow? Jul 9, 2014 18:31:46 GMT -5
jeff: Friday i head out to my favorite Malibu cove. I'll get there at 10ish, hopefully noone is there, greet mother ocean with open arms, ask her to be gentle, swim until i want and lay out…ahhhhhhhhhhh. flipping over like bacon on the skillet. Life is good. Jul 10, 2014 2:19:07 GMT -5
jeff: anyone close to malibu….i could use a beach buddy? Jul 10, 2014 2:20:17 GMT -5
blackonwhite: Only like 2500 miles away. Guess we won't be buddies! lol Jul 10, 2014 15:52:14 GMT -5
325i: I've tanned the last two days in a row and about to make it three and hit Sun Tan City up before I leave work today! Anyone else hitting the beds hard before the weekend? Jul 11, 2014 8:47:17 GMT -5