2014 Lotions


card: Wait..........If Canada deports him does that mean he comes to the States??....Urggghhhh Oct 29, 2015 8:48:54 GMT -5
aeroguy39: I haven't seen Danny around for a while? Danny, where are you? Oct 31, 2015 5:03:20 GMT -5
blackonwhite: Busy tanning. My come down soon, Card. Our new prime Minister is letting in over 25000 Syrian refugees over the next 4 months. Our dollar is crap, but the weather so far is pretty good. No snow yet! :) Dec 4, 2015 20:14:03 GMT -5
josephga: been extremely sick. Had to have gallbladder removed last weds. imo this is the most painful thing i have ever had to deal with. Dec 7, 2015 11:20:21 GMT -5
blackonwhite: Hope u r doin better, Joe Dec 9, 2015 22:19:51 GMT -5
blackonwhite: Card...the binders can wait lol Dec 9, 2015 22:20:19 GMT -5
NeonCrystals: DC So naughty Nude special edition Dec 10, 2015 8:29:14 GMT -5
aeroguy39: Hey Danny!!! Glad to see you are around. It's been crazy warm in the Mid-Atlantic states. Hitting a record 70 F here today (normally only around 40 F this time of year). Dec 13, 2015 5:49:53 GMT -5
blackonwhite: Got whacked with snow this week. Temps cooling down early next week. Who cares? I am off down south end of January! Jan 1, 2016 22:32:11 GMT -5
card: Danny........Take me to Florida!!!!!.....34 inches of snow Yesterday....I am 1 and done with this stuff :) Jan 24, 2016 2:45:29 GMT -5
card: I have been tanning 6 times the last 2 weeks....I show up pretty good in the Snow :) Jan 24, 2016 2:46:41 GMT -5
aeroguy39: I am in Florida. It's chilly - high of 50 predicted today, but it is SUNNY and a UV =5 at Noon is predicted. Jan 24, 2016 9:53:08 GMT -5
aeroguy39: I called the Mrs. in Philly/Bucks County area. They got 24" - 2 feet of snow.... plus 5 foot drifts.... Jan 24, 2016 9:54:55 GMT -5
blackonwhite: Weather looks lousy from Wednesday to Friday in Ft Lauderdale. No sun. Dollar sux. No shopping. At least I get out on the criuise on the weekend, out of Floriday so weather should be fine. H Jan 24, 2016 18:56:38 GMT -5
aeroguy39: Back in PA - -2 degrees here this morning with a wind chill of -30 F with 50 MPH winds. Yea - we are talking Painful to walk outside... even briefly. Feb 14, 2016 19:02:39 GMT -5
card: 85 Yesterday here......Good bye Winter :) Mar 11, 2016 10:00:25 GMT -5
blackonwhite: Lucky u! Best we get tomorrow is 52 and sun. Pavement all dry but still lots of snow on grassy areas. Should be all gone by next week as the temps stay above 32 all week. May get snow next weekend tho but still too early to say. It is getting better Mar 11, 2016 21:08:51 GMT -5
blackonwhite: Trip was great. Ship was even better. Weather could have been a bit better but was still nice. I was the blackest off the ship, except for the Afro Americans, but it was too close to call lol. Blackest on beach in Lauderdale. Mar 11, 2016 21:21:41 GMT -5
leslea: You need to post a pic of you with your dark tan! :) Mar 17, 2016 23:14:30 GMT -5
aeroguy39: Last week is was 78 and sunny and today it's 25 and snow coming all day? Really? It won't be 70 again here until Monday April 18th..... Where did springtime go? Guess another month of indoor tanning for me. Apr 9, 2016 3:10:21 GMT -5